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Overseas Shipments and Lead Times

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Deson's hold a small quantity of products in stock to cater for clients with short lead times. We hold stock of our most popular products.

Contact the team directly to discuss what items are available in stock.


Short Lead Times

 8-10 weeks:

Most of the products on our website are indent products. This is due to the fact that all our clients vary in their choice for finishing options such as color, fabric and type of timber or material used in the product. This means it is hard for us to keep all these options in stock. 

However our average lead time for indent orders is 8-10 weeks.

If your fit out is relatively easy and doesn't require too many mixes of product, it will most likely fall under this short lead time frame.

Because many full fit out projects may choose items from various manufacturers all over the world and this means we work around the clock to consolidate your order to get them in as timely as possible, but this may push your order into a longer lead time. Please see below: 


Long Lead Times

 12 weeks +: 

Our average lead time for furniture from outside Australia is between 8-10 weeks.

However if your projects requires more complex customization, or is a large scale fit out, this can result in a longer lead time.

Custom projects vary depending on the scale of the project and the complexity of your furniture piece. The consulting period is longer and we take utmost care in ensuring the details are correct and extra time may be spent on sampling and prototypes for sign off. For large scale projects, our production management crew also make overseas trips to personally qualify the product before mass production.

Please make sure you leave plenty of time for your project.